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A list of nihonto library staples....


At some point, those with more than a passing interest in real Japanese swords will want to expand there knowledge.  While visiting websites will help, nothing will educate you on nihonto faster than investing in a few good books.  The following is a list of my favorite books.


While you can purchase from ebay or Amazon, I would suggest you work with my favorite Nihonto book vendor, Grey Doffin.  His website is:

Beginner:  The Samurai Sword, by John Yumoto.  This is everyone's first sword book.  It is small, cheap, and a great basic primer.  (approx$20)

Intermediate:  The Connoisseur's Book of Japanese Swords.   This is a fantastic book, covering a broad range of nihonto with great depth.  This is the first book I open when I have a question.  (approx.$150)

Advanced:  Nihonto Koza, translated by Watson.  This is the bible of nihonto.  Very expensive and rare, but amazing.  Six volumes in total. (approx.$1000)