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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question:  When did he live? 

Answer:  Muramasa left few signed works, and probably had three generations using the same name, so an exact date is difficult.  The many stories about him also make it confusing.  Most scholars place him active between 1450 and 1500 AD or so.

Question:  Why is he on all those video games? 

Answer:  Muramasa was a popular figure in Japanese stories and Noh plays.  His blades have a reputation as being cursed.  The fantasy of his craft lends itself to fantastic stories. 

Question:  Who was Muramasa? 

Answer:  Muramasa was a real Japanese sword smith from Ise province in feudal Japan.  He certainly made amazing blades, but he became infamous with the outlaw of his swords by the Tokugawa Shogunate.

Question:  Where can I buy one of his swords? 

Answer:  It is very difficult.  His work demands high prices, but they do appear on the market from time to time.  Expect to pay at least as much as a new car.  A copy can be bought on ebay for little money.  If you are serious about purchasing a real one, start with a email to a nihonto dealer or post on the Nihonto Message Board.